Understanding the Role of Risk Manager at KMRD Partners

At KMRD, the Risk Manager’s job is to analyze data to determine the risks companies face, and look for ways to reduce the probability of loss and the amount of insurance premiums that companies end up paying.

To be successful in the role, employees should have good analytical skills and writing skills and must be able to communicate effectively with executive-level clients and employees. Many employees enter the risk manager role with a B.A in Business, Finance, Accounting, or Computer Science.

Ranked as one of “America’s Best Independent Agencies to Work For”, there are many reasons why employees like to work as a Risk Manager at KMRD – including experience, autonomy, purpose, inclusivity and more. But here’s what our employees have to say about what they do as a Risk Manager in their own words (from the video below):

  • “The role of a Risk Manager at KMRD Partners is a true extension of the client’s management team.”
  • “It provides an opportunity to be that outsourced risk manager. I then can provide the resources to allow them do what they do operationally and more effectively allowing them to manage risk.”
  • “Days are full of contract reviews, policy reviews and dealing with the issue of the day. As you know, in this business things change on a day to dat basis. There are accounting issues, coverage issues, personnel issues that come up every day.”
  • “We like to make sure all our clients have an answer within 24 hours on any issues.”
  • “There are a number of things we do for our customers on a day to day basis…it may extend to negotiating coverage on their behalf. It could be processing a simple endorsement to insure that any gaps are covered for the client. It could be doing a loss trending analysis to ensure I clearly understand the negotiation process and what’s driving the cost of their premiums.”
  • “I do a number of things for my customers but the most important is being responsive and listening to the clients so they clearly understand that I’m an extension of their risk management team.”


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