Risks Ahead. Disaster Recovery Planning

Risks Ahead. Disaster Recovery Planning

These four strategies can help support staff and address human resources concerns in the event of a disaster.

  1. Implement disaster preparedness plans that cover all contingencies.
  2. Communicate plans to all employees before disaster strikes, while ensuring they are trained to respond quickly and properly.
  3. Anticipate both personal and professional impact a disaster will have on employees.
  4. Communicate with employees regarding business operations, benefits, pay issues and counseling resources following the disaster.

When there is risk ahead, you can count on KMRD Partners Risk and Insurance Solutions for a common sense approach to risk management and transference through insurance coverage.  KMRD Partners structured risk management process provides clients a competitive advantage, reducing their cost of risk while improving their operational efficiency.

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Please contact your KMRD Partners relationship manager or e-mail us at contactus@kmrdpartners.com to review your insurance policies before one minute from normal strikes.


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