Feed My Starving Children: MobilePack Event 2014

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 Kevin McPoyle Organized the Packing of 272,160 Meals. 745 Children will Survive Because of Volunteer Efforts.

Kevin McPoyle, co-founder of KMRD Partners, Inc. made it his mission to organize an effort to pack meals for hungry children across the globe. Kevin’s letter to the editor described the event the best…

“Saturday and Sunday, over 1,000 volunteers from Willow Grove to Perkasie and from 8 to 80 years of age gathered at Delaware Valley College to save lives.  At the second annual MobilePack event, volunteers used 11,000 pounds of rice, 8,400 pounds of soy, and many bags of vitamins and vegetables to pack 272,160 meals.  These meals are being sent to Sierra Leone and Liberia to support communities ravaged by the Ebola virus,  They can’t muster the resources or manpower to plant their own crops, resulting in their inability to sustain themselves.

Additionally, volunteers brought approximately 1,200 pounds of food pantry restocking.  While we celebrate Thanksgiving, they will eat the meals made in Doylestown last weekend, keeping 745 people alive for an entire year. We appreciate and thank Delaware Valley College and its students for their support. Thank you to our corporate challenger who made this possible financially, as well as numerous churches, groups, and families. Please don’t ever overlook the grace and kindness this community displays daily. We are blessed to be part of a great community.

Come and be a part of the effort in 2015 because the need has not diminished.”


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