What recommendations can you provide on how to create a proper ergonomic workspace to more effectively work from home?

One of our own KMRD experts created the simple list below. For more on how to create a proper ergonomic workplace for yourself at home, please read the following blog post:


“10 Easy Steps to Workstation Comfort”

  1. Adjust your chair height – your chair height and tilt should be adjusted so that your thighs are approximately parallel to the floor.
  2. Your feet should rest flat on the floor or on a footrest.
  3. Adjust your seat back – your lower back (lumbar area) plus mid-back should be well-supported. Adjust the seat back height, angle and tilt tension accordingly and sit back in your chair.
  4. Forearms should be parallel to the floor – adjust your keyboard tray or desk height accordingly.
  5. Your wrists should be straight and your hands in line with your forearms – adjust the height and position of the keyboard tray to keep wrists flat.
  6. Locate your mouse within easy reach – the mouse is to be placed on the keyboard tray (when possible) and within easy reach, no more than 3″ – 4″ from the keyboard.
  7. Keep elbows close to your sides – adjust chair arm rests so that you can rest the weight of your arms when you rest. Avoid hunching your shoulders forward.
  8. Adjust your monitor(s) for proper height and distance – the monitor should be at approximately an arm’s length (15″ – 30″) away. The upper edge of the monitor should be set at eye height so that you look slightly downward at the top two inches of the screen allowing your eyes to scan down the screen. Dual monitors should be located closely together and at the same height and distance so that your eyes do not have to re-focus and your head does not turn significantly when you look back and forth.
  9. Avoid screen glare – tilt your screen or reposition it. Do not position your monitor directly below lighting fixtures. Position your screen perpendicular to windows or other light sources. Use an anti-glare screen only as a last resort.
  10. Take breaks – take assigned work breaks to refresh and relax your body. Vary your posture throughout the day and try to arrange your work assignments to avoid prolonged seated posture. Take a brief walk and/or stand while taking a phone call. Getting up for at least one minute every 30 – 45 minutes is suggested. Periodically look away to the distance to relax the eyes.

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