Remote Workforce Woes Webinar Recording

For those who missed our webinar on “Remote Workforce Woes Webinar”, here is a recording!

Our experts discuss the top challenges faced by employees with the new norms of a work from home workforce. Chris Van Buren from KMRD will be joined by Ingrid Dunlap (Risk Manager at KMRD Partners), Brian Kitchen (Director in Kreischer Miller’s Tax Strategies Group) and Marcia Zaruba O’Connor (CEO & Founder of The O’Connor Group)


  • Employers can face significant surprises if they aren’t fully educated on the ramifications of their employees working from Anywhere, USA (and beyond) – from taxes to mental health to HR policies to medical coverage to employer liability insurance…and more.
  • Our experts will provide you with what to look out for and practical ways to handle the increasing demands of employees working remotely.
    • What to know about different employment laws, taxation and regulations in different jurisdictions.
    • How to balance strong HR policy and flexibility in managing remote employees.
    • How can an employee trigger $10,000 of new government filings for your company?

Hosted by KMRD Partners


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