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KMRD Partners sat down with LifeBrand CEO, TJ Colaiezzi, to get the inside scoop about the company’s mission and what they can do for you.

WARRINGTON, PA, February 7, 2022 – On December 21st, KMRD Partners had the pleasure of co-hosting the “What is LifeBrand” webinar with the LifeBrand team. Co-Founder and Principal of KMRD Partners, Bob Dietzel, sat down with LifeBrand CEO, TJ Colaiezzi, as they dug deep into LifeBrand’s mission and vision. In the 45 minute episode, they were able to give our viewers the true inside scoop and look into the successful up-and-coming company.

LifeBrand is a tech start-up business based out of West Chester, PA, and is among one of the top Social Media Education, Protection, and Risk Mitigation companies in the nation. The company is known for its AI software that scrubs any unwanted or harmful content from one’s social media accounts; Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. You may even be familiar with some of their clients; the Philadelphia Sixers, the Philadelphia Eagles, and the Atlanta Braves. LifeBrand’s mission is to continue growing until it is the world leader for Social Media Background Check Technology. Just recently LifeBrand announced its closing of a $27 million Series A funding round which will bring its overall valuation to $110 million. Two weeks ago the company’s outstanding accomplishment was then acknowledged by the Philadelphia Business Journal.

KMRD Partners has collaborated with LifeBrand in order to provide our clients with access to either their own personal or business accounts. Clients can utilize this technology as a new hire onboarding tool, perform one-time and/or recurring scans for employees, or maintain the company’s online reputation. Each client is provided with a 10% discount code which can be found in our client access center. Here is a direct link…. LifeBrand splash page.

LifeBrand has made its mark on the nation in just the short amount of time it has been established, and we want to make sure we share what they offer with you.

To learn more about LifeBrand, watch the ‘What is Lifebrand’ webinar on Youtube.

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