Social Engineering Webinar: How Criminals Exploit Human Behavior and How to Protect Your Enterprise

Social Engineering Webinar KMRD 2

Social engineering is the art of exploiting human psychology to gain access to buildings, systems or data. Join us for this free webinar to learn how social engineering works and what to do to protect employees and your enterprise.

Join top risk management and cyber insurance experts for an interactive discussion on how to protect your business from cyber attacks in 2020.

Hosted by Ankura Consulting and KMRD Partners, this social engineering webinar, How Criminals Exploit Human Behavior and How to Protect Your Enterprise, will explore how cybercriminals use social engineering to manipulate employees into divulging sensitive information and teach organizations how to protect employees and secure assets from cyber attacks.

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During this webinar, our experts will:

  • Explain social engineering and top threats in 2020.
  • Discuss the various types of cyber attacks.
  • Review the methods used by social engineers.
  • Reveal strategies for avoiding psychological manipulation.
  • Learn where to find social engineering computer fraud coverage – the most common type of loss associated with social engineering.
  • Discuss the benefits of a network assessment, including cyber policy discounts by an insurance company.

Capacity is limited so join early. Our virtual doors will open 15 minutes before the scheduled start time. Feel free to invite your friends and colleagues that might be interested in Social Engineering, too.

Social Engineering Webinar
When: January 29, 2020 12:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
Topic: Social Engineering Webinar: How Criminals Exploit Human Behavior and How to Protect Your Enterprise

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What is Social Engineering?

Social Engineering is the art or act of information gathering either by tricking someone to provide information or by using available information to achieve a task.

The term covers a broad range of malicious activities to trick users into obtaining personal and sensitive information or gaining access into systems to exploit the network, company, and its people.

In our webinar, we’ll discuss the most common types of social engineering attacks, including: Baiting, Phishing (and Spear Phishing), Vishing, Tailgaiting, Pretexting, Quid pro quo. We’ll show you how hackers pose as others or manipulate employees to gain access into your networks and then create backdoors to launch Denial of Service attacks on your business.

In addition, we’ll share tips on how to improve your defenses against social engineering. We’ll also provide you with a premium policy discount when you have Ankura assess your network, organization, procedures, and policies.

Download our Cyber Security Assessment PDF to learn more about the assessment and benefits.

Here are the event details again.

Clay and Brian are going live with this special webinar on Wednesday, January 29 at 12pm. The event will start promptly at 12 p.m. ET.

We hope to see you there. In the meantime – take a minute to drop any questions about this webinar to us at We’ll be taking a look over them in the next few days, and one of your questions could be covered at the event!


Brian Heun

Brian Heun is the Sales and Relationship Manager and a Partner at KMRD Partners Risk & Insurance Solutions, a leading risk management and human capital solutions firm based in Warrington, Pa.


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