Overpaying on Wireless? Get A Cellular Cost Audit from KMRD Partners & OpDecision

Cellular Cost Audit

A new study found that a quarter of a million U.S. users are paying too much for their wireless service because they miscalculate how much voice, data and test messages they use per month.  The report found that people waste about $336 per year. Part of this is because many users are buying plans that don’t fit their needs. This provides AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon about an extra $79 million per year.

KMRD Partners has a special offer for our customers:  A complimentary cellular cost audit that will provide 10% to 45% worth of savings.  KMRD Partners and OpDecision will help you maximize cost reduction and carrier incentives through cellular negotiation and re-negotiation.

Here’s what you need to know about our Cellular Cost Audit:

  • It benefits organizations with 50 – 25,000 wireless devices (cellphones, iPads, air cards)
  • You can secure unpublished pricing and non-commissioned rates
  • You can recover credits for billing errors, overcharging and carrier negligence
  • You get access larger corporate wireless rate discounts
  • You get to keep your current wireless carrier(s), contract, existing equipment and wireless carrier representative
  • You’ll avoid costly software fees.

KMRD Partners and OpDecision will help you manage wireless telecom expenses, while making your carrier relationship favorable and advantageous.

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