KMRD Partners Recognized as Fastest Growing Company by University of Delaware

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KMRD Partners, a leading provider of risk management, insurance, and human capital solutions, wins the 2017 Blue Hen 17 & 43 Award for Fastest Growing Company from the University of Delaware.

WARRINGTON, PA, October 27, 2017 — KMRD Partners, Inc. (KMRD) is pleased to be announced as a winner of the 2017 17&43 Blue Hen Fastest Growing Company Award from the University of Delaware’s Lerner College / Horn Program in Entrepreneurship.

The Blue Hen 17&43 Awards build on the University of Delaware’s long tradition of leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship by honoring the most promising new ventures and fastest growing companies founded, owned or led by students and alumni.

“UD’s new Blue Hen 17&43 Awards recognize and celebrate a special subset of our amazing UD family – the innovators, entrepreneurs and business leaders who have launched promising startups, guided the rapid growth of job-creating companies or done both,” said Dan Freeman, founding director of Horn Entrepreneurship.

“This is an great honor for KMRD,” said Co-Founder & Principal, Bob Dietzel. “I may be the alumni but the credit should also go to my partner Kevin McPoyle and our incredibly strong team of professionals!”

Only businesses that operate in a manner consistent with the guiding principles of the University of Delaware – and those able to fulfill the selection criteria – were eligible for Blue Hen 17&43 Award consideration.

For each nominated company, Horn Entrepreneurship and Lerner College personnel calculated the compounded annual growth rate based on revenues for the three most recent fiscal years. Companies were ranked from highest to lowest, and the top 43 were selected for award recognition. Fastest growing companies experienced growth rates in excess of 10 percent per year over the last three years and generated at least $1 million in annual revenue.

The Blue Hen 17 & 43 is a project of UD’s Horn Entrepreneurship and the Alfred Lerner College of Business & Economics. For more about the award and other winners visit:

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