KMRD Supports Little Smiles

Here at KRMD, we actively support a few local charitable causes. One of them is a group called Little Smiles.

The singular goal of the charity is putting smiles on the faces of kids in local hospitals and shelters that have been going through some really rough, and often times, life threatening issues. They are akin to a mini Make—A-Wish-Foundation where they grant all the “little” day-to-day wishes these kids have from meet and greets with stars, to video games and iPads, to pizza parties, bikes, etc.

One of their largest sources of revenue every year comes from a marquis event called the Stars Ball.  It truly is an amazing and heartwarming event. Every year a select group of kids, chosen by the nurses and social workers at the area hospitals and shelters, get to, for one day, forget all the unfortunate struggles they contend with on a daily basis and truly become STARS.  From the hair and make up and outfits, to the limo, spotlights, red carpet and paparazzi (you/me and all the other guests) to the steady flow of autograph requests, the kids become true “Hollywood” movie stars!

This is an awesome event, echoed by each of thousands of guests who have attended over the years. Here is a short video that will share a small glimpse of how magical the night is for the kids and guests:

We are only one of many who provide support to nurses and social workers who valiantly and heroically deal with these children on a daily basis. Every year the event continues to grow and gain more publicity. This year they partnered with the Philadelphia Eagles charities and they think it’s now going to be bigger than ever.

This year’s event is being held on November 14th at the Marriott Downtown Philadelphia. Visit their website at to learn more about this charity and to see how you can get involved.


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