Insurance for Landscapers – No Coverage for Trees and Shrubs or Plants qualifies for KMRD HALL OF SHAME


This scenario represents an actual coverage flaw in an insurance program of a well run, profitable business.

A commercial landscaper utilized a carrier that aggressively targets his industry and controls a large market share of landscapers in the region.  A significant risk surrounds the requirement to deliver plant and tree inventory to their jobsites prior to installation.  The following is a picture of an example of their exposure:

The Problem

The policy insuring this exposure (commonly known as an Installation Floater) included a paragraph that read as follows:

Property Not Covered:

… Trees, Shrubs & Plants…

What was Really Troublesome

The client purchased a policy with NO coverage. The client did not “install” anything else and the inventory on a number of his work sites awaiting installation was valued in excess of $100,000.  The carrier and agent declared themselves as experts in the landscaping business never picked this up!

The Solution

Simple….Negotiate the removal of this wording to confirm the intent or do not spend the money to purchase the coverage.  Insurance for Landscapers is not particularly complicated when you take the time to understand the business and read the insurance policies with the business’ exposures in mind.

How KMRD Can Help:

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