Risks Ahead. The potential results of incomplete auto insurance coverage.

The potential results of incomplete auto insurance coverage.

You should be prepared to pay for these 10 things if you have inadequate or incompletely negotiated Auto insurance coverage:

  1. Severe damage to others involved in a major accident
  2. Hail damage
  3. Damages caused by an underinsured driver (many insured drivers only carry state minimum limits)
  4. Damage from hitting an animal
  5. Damage from hitting a parking lot pole
  6. Replacing a stolen vehicle
  7. Damage caused by flood
  8. Damages caused by an uninsured driver. (1 of 8 US motorists are uninsured.)
  9. Personal injury costs
  10. Damages if an accident involves a borrowed car or a rented vehicle. 

Does your firm have adequate Auto insurance coverage? 

When there is risk ahead, you can count on KMRD Partners Risk and Insurance Solutions for a common sense approach to risk management and transference through insurance coverage. KMRD Partners structured risk management process provides clients a competitive advantage, reducing their cost of risk while improving their operational efficiency. 

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