Proposed Update to FEMA Rules for Builders

The Federal Emergency Management Agency recently proposed updated FEMA rules for builders and homeowners requiring them to build on higher ground when using federal funds on construction projects situated in flood-prone areas. Construction projects affected by updated FEMA rules include buildings, roads and other projects receiving federal funds, as well as projects rebuilt with FEMA […]

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How Liability Insurance Protects You Against Pain and Loss in Your Business

liability insurance protects you against

Risk and potential loss is everywhere. What liability insurance protects you against is the potential for business ending claims – and lots of pain. It’s like a life preserver no business should be without. Liability insurance protects you against the risk of liabilities resulting from lawsuits and similar claims from third party persons or organizations attributing an injury to your business. […]

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Hall of Shame – No Products Liability Coverage For No Reason

This scenario represents an actual coverage flaw in an insurance program of a well run, profitable business. The General Liability program of a manufacturer included the following endorsement: The company’s website defined their target market to include the Medical, Satellite, and Aerospace Industries!  It was later discovered that client was aware of this gap in their […]

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