Government Contractors – Is Immunity Enough?

ny companies that are in the Federal Government Contractor (FGC) space need to strike a balance between competitive market dynamics and exposure to risk. While the unique liability immunities available to FGCs may be a key component of the overall risk management plan, consider these scenarios: Third-Party Bodily Injury – Product Liability The Government Contractors […]

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Construction Workplace Misclassification Act – More Hurdles to Overcome When Using Subcontractors – THE GREY AREA IS NOW GONE!

KMRD Are You Ready for One Minute From Normal?

Effective February 11, 2011, the Construction Workplace Misclassification Act in Pennsylvania  strictly regulates the use of individuals as independent contractors in the construction industry. If any worker who does not meet all of the following criteria is misclassified as an independent contractor, the hiring party business, and its officers and agents, may be civilly liable, […]

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