Risk Control Resources & Strategic Partners

Below is a list of risk control resources organized by partner, system, and more.

Risk Control and Safety Partners

Human Capital Solutions Partner

  • Humareso – works in all facets of employee engagement and business development, providing strategic direction to help employers manage talent, recruit for skills gaps, assess markets for growth, assess competition, increase employee performance, develop long-range succession plans and influence an enthusiastic, innovative culture.

Healthcare & Aging Services Partners

  • LW Consulting, Inc. – LWCI specializes in the healthcare and government industries and provides nationwide services – Strategic Advisory Services, Performance Consulting, Operational Advisory Services, Regulatory and Compliance Services, Financial Advisory Services and Education and Leadership Development.  LWCI provides management, operational, and financial consulting including: market feasibility, market research; strategic planning,; operational assessments; reimbursement consulting, billing, coding, compliance/audit services, interim staffing, contracting strategies, and education to health care providers. LWCI also provides medical litigation support and healthcare IT consulting.
  • The Center for Advocacy for the Rights and Interests of the Elderly (CARIE) is a non-profit organization, based in Philadelphia, dedicated to improving the quality of life for vulnerable older people. CARIE’s programs and services include community education, professional training, and individual counseling and problem solving. A leader in the field of aging for more than 25 years, CARIE is recognized as a vital resource for a wide range of audiences, including older adults, family members and other caregivers, aging and other social service providers, policy makers, and academicians. Its services are provided locally, throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and in some cases nationally.

Other Enterprise Risk Partners

  • Ankura  assists clients in assessing the risks and threats to their information systems and the vulnerabilities present in their IT environments, data assets, and industrial operations by performing comprehensive technical tests and remediating identified security exposures. Their expertise enables them to expertly probe systems– as insiders or external ethical hackers – to understand the vulnerabilities and potential attack vectors of client systems, and help clients understand and close their security gaps. This is a process that should be top of mind for chief risk, information, security, compliance, and audit officers.
  • Fairchild Consulting  is an expert in complex business continuity and disaster recovery planning.
  • OnSite Innovations provides customized solutions increase worker productivity by reducing the number of visits employees make to more costly facilities such as hospital emergency rooms or doctors’ offices. Onsite medical care results in quicker resolution of an injury and a significant reduction in cost. OnSite prides itself on staffing your facility with medical professionals who know the industry, the job, and the injuries that can result.
  • Corporate Claims Management – Fleet Management & Safety Solutions
  • Agility Recovery Solutions – Agility Recovery Solutions is a former division of GE with 21 years disaster recovery and business continuity experience.
  • Sokolis Group Fuel Management and Consulting dedicates its resources to surveying the fuel market, negotiating pricing, analyzing fueling-practices, developing money-saving strategies and delivering comprehensive fuel programs that are designed to improve a company’s bottom line.
  • Guidepost Solutions, LLC is a full-service immigration and customs consulting and auditing firm headed by experienced professionals.  With a team of former agents and Immigration and Customs Enforcement personnel, our firm is uniquely positioned to help clients build and protect business by offering informed and innovative solutions to problems relating to customs and immigration compliance.

Additional Resources

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