Risks Ahead. Did you know? The following key risks are not typically covered by a General Liability Policy?

Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Risks Ahead. Did you know? The following key risks are not typically covered by a General Liability Policy?

  • Financial injury resulting from actual or alleged misrepresentation, mismanagement, or lack of oversight by a company’s directors and officers.
  • Employment-related discrimination, harassment or retaliation.
  • Breach of fiduciary duty imposed by ERISA for an employee benefit fiduciary liability claim.
  • Financial injury that may be insured by professional liability or product or service E&O liability policies.
  • First-party expenses resulting from a privacy data breach.
  • Any claims alleging third party bodily injury, property damage, or personal injuries such as libel, slander, false arrest, detention, imprisonment, malicious prosecution, wrongful entry or eviction, rights of privacy.

There may be more….. Refer to our Coverage Hall of Shame for some shockers.

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