Terri Quinn, CISR

Terri's primary responsibility is to work along side the risk manager in delivering KMRD's Service Plan to you.

Terri works closely with your Risk Manager to deliver KMRD’s service plan and is the first person to review all paper and inquiries KMRD receives that impact your business. She also provides day-to-day service on her portfolio of accounts ensuring that all questions and needs are addressed promptly. Terri started in this business 1985.


  • Day to Day Servicing
  • Policy Quality Control
  • Coordination of Services


  • Attended Bucks County Community College graduating with a degree in Business Management
  • Licensed Insurance Agent
  • Certified Insurance Service Representative designation from The National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research

Other Interesting Information

  • Terri’s given name is Theresa.  We are not aware of anyone who refers to her by that name.

    Terri Quinn shows off her Employee of the Day (EOTD) T-Shirt

  • Terri is often the first person in the office because she likes saying good morning to everyone when they get in.
  • She is very dedicated to her family including 2 children, one of which is also known as “Intern 2”.
  • Terri also enjoys winning the KMRD “Employee of the Day Award”

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