Gerry Sorge, Claims Advocate and Partner

Gerry's primary responsibility is assisting our clients in managing their claims and risk control programs.

Gerry’s claims advocacy role creates a united effort so all claims are treated as important and sensitive. His efforts maximize coverage where appropriate and minimize liability and workers compensation loss experience. He decreases the cost of risk and lower premiums for KMRD clients over the long term. Gerry has been working with clients in resolving insurance claims since 1991 and has been with KMRD since 2007.


  • Claims Strategy
  • Communication


  • B.A. from Villanova University

Other Interesting Information

  • Gerry has 4 boys so can be found either on the sideline or fixing broken things around the house.
  • He is often referred to as “Pit Bull” or “George” (a mix of Gerry and Sorge)
  • Many meetings begin with “Where’s Gerry” because his clients love him so much.
  • He is a connoisseur of hamburgers and grew up in South Philly.