Cyber Risk Management and Insurance

Network Security, Data Breach, Privacy Liabilities.. KMRD can help.

Better Coverage

We take the time to thoroughly review your policies and deliver the right risk and insurance coverage for all your needs.

Better Access

We provide a secure and collaborative environment offering 24/7 access for everyone on your team around the globe.

Better Control

We perform a disciplined review across your entire operation to understand all of your company’s exposures.

Better Delivery

We take the time to get to know your company and then assign a team that cares about getting it right.

The Risk

In today’s hyper connected world, businesses rely on latest technologies and “Big Data” to create new solution or just stay competitive.  Data Breaches are increasingly becoming one of the most prominent risks in business today.ComputerTheft

Some Alarming Statistics

Breaches are occurring everyday not only to large institutions but small businesses a well.  According to the Ponemon Institute:

Assess Your Systems and Procedures 

We recommend every company perform a regular independent vulnerability assessment of their systems and procedures.

KMRD Partners and COMPASS have partnered with a global leader in cyber insurance to offer clients up to 20% off their cyber insurance premium. 5% discounts are offered following an assessment and an additional 15% subsequent to the remediation of any critical network vulnerabilities. An assessment will allow you to identify critical vulnerabilities within your network, organization, procedures, and policies. Find out how you can significantly improve your organization’s security posture, while limiting your liability in the event of a data breach.  To Learn more Click Here  to download a brochure describing this unique fixed cost program.

Types of Coverage

You’ve been breached.  Now what?

When a data breach occurs, response time is critical. Reputable carriers partner with leading breach response providers to help you navigate these sensitive situations providing access to firms including:

Exclusive Program with State of the Art  Insurance Coverage and up to a 20% Reduction in Premium

After an extensive amount of due diligence, KMRD partnered Ankura and Sompo International  to provide a cyber vulnerability assessment and insurance solution.  Upon completion of an assessment, we convinced Sompo to issue a 5% rate discount. Once critical recommendations are corrected, Sompo will deliver an additional 15% discount.

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KMRD designs and negotiates state of the Cyber Risk Insurance Programs. The value is better, more predictable coverage at a lower cost of risk.

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