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KMRD + Zywave
Robust Human Resource Tools

KMRD has partnered with Zywave to give you access to the Human Resources Client Portal. The Human Resources Client Portal is designed to provide you with an exceptional customer experience by giving you access to vital tools and content to remain compliant, manage risk and build an overall better workforce. The Client Portal is also mobile-ready, so you can find the resources you need at any time and on any device!

Resources Include But Are Not Limited To:

  • Content Library trusted content maintained by a team of expert attorneys and writers
  • Compliance Appscompliance guidance & tools for ACA, FMLA, COBRA
  • Notices easily create government required notices for employees
  • Learning Management Systemprovides an extensive course catalog and robust reporting
  • HR Hotline get your key HR questions answered by HR experts, by phone, or online at no cost to you
  • HR Apphandbook builder, salary benchmarking, job description wizard

For any questions about the Zywave Human Resources Client Portal, please reach out to Chris Van Buren at CVanBuren@kmrdpartners.com