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KMRD + Ultimate Risk Services

KMRD has partnered with Ultimate Risk Services (URS) to aide our clients with building an effective cybersecurity program for your compliance requirements. The URS Cyber Insurance Compliance Subscription includes compliance policies developed with Mullen Coughlin Law Firm, compliance training, and the Task Completion Monitoring and Reminder System. Plus, you get the many features of the URS Cyber Resource Center including breach coaches, incident response team, and seasoned group of Subject Matter Experts from IT, governance, legal and insurance industries..

Unique Company Cyber Policies & Procedures developed with Mullen Coughlin:
  • Company-specific and designed to meet insurance compliance requirements
  • Contains IT, governance, legal compliance elements
  • Editable, electronic format that can be continuously updated as needed
Compliance Training within Learning Management System (LMS):

  • Training required by insurance or vendors
  • General Awareness, Anti-Phishing, PCI, HIPAA and GDPR available for all users
  • Automated monitoring and reminders of training within LMS
Task Completion Monitoring and Reminder System (LMS):

  • Recordkeeping with task monitoring and reporting for audits
  • Automated reminders
  • IT & Technical partners at the ready to assist users
Cyber Resource Center):

  • Resource Help Desk, 24/7 Breach Hotline
  • Library, Tools, Breaking Cyber News, Webinars, Events, Videos
  • Technical Services Directory