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KMRD + Indio
Access Your Commercial P&C Applications

KMRD has simplified the insurance application process to make it fast, collaborative, and easy..

Why you are filling out forms in Indio:

Indio Technologies helps insurance agencies and their clients streamline the insurance application process. Indio has created an online, secure, platform that combines all of the different functions of a typical insurance renewal onto one platform.

The benefits of using Indio:

  • Having an online portal allows you to access / work on your insurance forms wherever and whenever you need them.
  • All data entered within the Indio platform will “smart map” between forms, so you don’t have to enter data multiple times!
  • All documents that are exchanged using Indio are done so in a bank-grade encrypted environment and run through an anti-virus software to ensure that nothing malicious is being sent.
  • Using Indio allows you to assign applications, forms, or even sections within applications to specific points of contact within your organization – In turn, reducing the need to print, scan, or even sign forms offline.
  • Indio allows you to sign all of your applications and forms within the Indio platform using their proprietary e-signature solution, IndioSign.
  • Indio is highly secure, utilizing a bank-grade encryption environment, ensuring that all of your data is all kept private, confidential, and secure.

For any questions about the Indio Client Portal, please reach out to your Account or Risk Manager