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KMRD, and the people inside, have won dozens of awards over the years. Here are a few that we are most proud of winning.

Awards and Affiliations


Annual Reviews


Mar 18

KMRD Year in Review – 2017

As we close in on 2018, it’s that time of year again when we reflect on what’s happened. 2017 has...
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Feb 17

KMRD Year in Review – 2016

KMRD’s numbers continue to tell a story of financial strength, new growth, and achieving our goals. But, there are also...
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Jan 16

KMRD Year in Review – 2015

Dear Valued Clients, Partners and Prospects, We are eternally grateful to our clients and partners for their support with another...
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News Releases

Insurance Industry Customer Satisfaction
January 17, 2019 / News Releases

Survey Results: KMRD Ranks High in Insurance Industry Customer Satisfaction

In the fall of 2018, we commissioned a 3rd party Insurance Industry Customer Satisfaction survey of our clients - to...
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Award Winning Insurance Companies
November 30, 2018 / News Releases

Award Winning Insurance Companies; KMRD Partners Receives Another Regional Award

KMRD Partners wins prestigious regional award for the second consecutive year. KMRD was one of 43 companies to receive the...
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November 15, 2017 / News Releases

Feed My Starving Children: MobilePack 2017

FEED MY STARVING CHILDREN: MOBILEPACK 2017 WAS AN AMAZING SUCCESS! KMRD was recently a participant and Corporate Sponsor for the...
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April 3, 2017 / News Releases

John Garber Nominated HR Consultant of the Year

We are proud to report John Garber, Jr., CSP, SPHR, SHRM-SCP was recently named as a nominee for HR Consultant...
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KMRD In The News

August 22, 2018 / KMRD In The News

Wearable Technology for Construction is the Future – Keith Boyer

While it may not happen today or even next year, wearable technology for construction is sure to become an integral...
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Gerry Sorge Property Casualty 360
August 22, 2018 / KMRD In The News

Examining Temporary Staffing Agency Risks – Gerry Sorge

Employers and agencies are both responsible for the temporary worker’s safety and health. There are a number of risks and...
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August 16, 2018 / KMRD In The News

Using InsurTech to improve claims management – Jenean Meier

Technology is providing new ways for insurers to meet customers’ needs. By combining technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine...
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August 2, 2018 / KMRD In The News

How to Build a Strong Hurricane Contingency Plan – Keith Boyer

The Atlantic hurricane season, which began June 1, is officially forecasted to last until November 30. While these dates historically...
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July 12, 2018 / KMRD In The News

Why Your Insurance Policy Should Cover More than Damage

In an alert issued April 16, 2018, the United States and the United Kingdom published a report advising organizations and...
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Kevin McPoyle Carrier Management
July 5, 2018 / KMRD In The News

Broker Perspective: Get Back to Basics – Kevin McPoyle

Having recently attended a number of carrier events during which the structure of market contacts, departments and the underwriting process...
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July 2, 2018 / KMRD In The News

How to Protect Against Contingent Business Risk – Keith Boyer

4 examples of how a professional risk manager can help you prepare & outlast potentially detrimental situations Two partners at...
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June 18, 2018 / KMRD In The News

Should You Fire Your Insurance Broker? – Keith Boyer

Why you should work with someone who understands & takes steps to protect every aspect of your business operations. If...
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May 30, 2018 / KMRD In The News

Remembering Our Veterans – Kirk Salmon

More than 600,000 Union and Confederate soldiers had died by the time Robert E. Lee surrendered to Ulysses S. Grant...
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May 21, 2018 / KMRD In The News

8 Types of Business Insurance – Kirk Salmon

Organizations rely on business insurance to protect them from risks and threats to their operation. Simply, it means transferring risk...
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Gerry Sorge Property Casualty 360
May 17, 2018 / KMRD In The News

Distracted driving by the numbers – Gerry Sorge

Statistics on the number of accidents due to inattentive drivers are rising despite awareness of the risks. With more than...
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May 15, 2018 / KMRD In The News

Does Your Construction Business Need EPLI? – Keith Boyer

The United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission received 84,254 discriminatory employment practices complaints last year. In addition to lawsuits filed...
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April 20, 2018 / KMRD In The News

Reflections of a Middleman – Steve Macauley

Praise rarely rains down on the middleman. The role is frequently trivialized and unfairly characterized as adding an extra layer...
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April 2, 2018 / KMRD In The News

10 Attributes to Look for in a Risk Management Outsourcing Partner

As anyone working in the construction industry knows, some risks are worth taking, while others simply aren’t. Your company’s risk...
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March 8, 2018 / KMRD In The News

Playing it safe: Cybersecurity for small-to-medium-sized businesses – Bob Dietzel

More than 60% of small businesses are not in operation 6 months after a cyberattack. Big companies like Target, Yahoo...
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Kevin McPoyle Carrier Management
January 8, 2018 / KMRD In The News

Reflecting on Our Mission: Why I Am Proud to Work in Insurance – Kevin McPoyle

Reflecting on Our Mission: Why I Am Proud to Work in Insurance What is an insurance carrier to a business...
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September 18, 2017 / KMRD In The News

The importance of checking insurance provisions in a commercial lease

As insurance professionals, we can help insureds review the insurance provisions in their commercial leases prior to signing the documents....
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Bob Dietzel Carrier Management
September 12, 2017 / KMRD In The News

Executive Perspective: Our Time to Lead; Risk Remains When Waters Recede

As I record these thoughts, Hurricane Irma has been downgraded to a tropical depression after having lashed Florida and more...
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Andrew Laurie Career Management
July 10, 2017 / KMRD In The News

The Benefits of Followership

Leaders get all the credit. Nearly 100,000 soldiers and sailors followed Alexander the Great during his Asian Campaign. Yet his...
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Kevin McPoyle Insurance Journal
June 19, 2017 / KMRD In The News

The Promise of Insurtech

Disruptive technology is poised to shake up our industry. Following tectonic plate shifts in publishing, finance, investing, telecommunications, recorded music,...
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Kevin McPoyle Carrier Management
May 26, 2017 / KMRD In The News

What Can the Battlefield Teach Us About Leadership?

As we celebrate the Memorial Day and Independence Day holidays, it is appropriate to reflect on the qualities necessary to...
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Keith Boyer Carrier Management
May 17, 2017 / KMRD In The News

How to Build Productive Underwriter/Broker Relationships: 14 Guiding Principles

When I consider friends and family who have been blessed with happy partnerships, I realize there are many roads to...
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Kevin McPoyle Insurance Journal
June 20, 2016 / KMRD In The News

Risks Ahead: Food Recalls and Nanotechnology

Quick Quiz: What do baby spinach, raw cashew pieces, barbecue sauce, fish batter mix, marzipan, ice cream, packaged salads, dried...
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Kevin McPoyle Property Casualty 360
March 5, 2014 / KMRD In The News

You Don’t Need Fear To Sell Cyber Insurance

Let your clients know that a cyber breach can happen to anyone. Read the full article >> Please direct questions...
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Kevin McPoyle Property Casualty 360
May 23, 2013 / KMRD In The News

Thinking of Veterans on Memorial Day

Several national initiatives make it easy to hire a highly qualified vet. One year ago in this space, I contributed...
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Kevin McPoyle Property Casualty 360
May 17, 2013 / KMRD In The News

Targeting the Other 1 Percent: Hiring Veterans

Inculcated with team thinking and strong work ethic, veterans seem like a natural fit for the insurance industry. Unfortunately, the...
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KMRD Partners Recognized as Fastest Growing Company by University of Delaware
Go Blue Hens!
Click Here for More

Kueny Insurance
Kueny Insurance Joins KMRD’s Team!
KMRD expands its team to include Personal Lines!
Click Here for More

Kirk Salmon
Kirk Salmon Joins KMRD’s Risk Management Team!
Kirk will further energize our growth and client focus!
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Ingrid Abell

Ingrid Abell-Dunlap Joins KMRD’s Risk Management Team!
She chose our firm for all the right reasons!
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KMRD - Uncompromising Ethics and Integrity

KMRD Wins 2017 Award Honoring Ethics in the Workplace.
Presented by DeSales University’s Forum for Ethics in the Workplace, the Societas Award recognizes companies that demonstrate responsible corporate conduct through legal compliance, corporate and individual accountability, commitment to stakeholders, and social responsibility.  Click Here for A Video & More


KMRD Launches Quarterly HR Compliance Digest

KMRD is proud to announce a commitment to delivering valuable HR compliance updates to its partners. Learn More / Enroll Here.

My Benefits Advisor
KMRD Expands Human Capital Practice to include Employee Benefits Solutions
KMRD expands its unique service model to include Employee Benefits Solutions through a strategic partnership with My Benefit Advisor operated by Emerson Reid, LLC. For More Click Here.

Announcing TFG merger with KMRD Partner

KMRD is proud to announce a merger with TFG Risk Management Services. For More Click Here.


KMRD Announces Key Additions to Management Team

KMRD Better Teamwork Leads to Better Risk ManagementBob Dietzel and Kevin McPoyle, Founding Partners of KMRD Partners, welcome John Garber, Jr., CSP, SPHR, SHRM-SCP and Karl Granlun, CPCU to the KMRD team. For More Click Here.


Study shows KMRD delivers immediate savings in the short term when selected as exclusive representative to the insurance marketplace.
KMRD Saves Money

KMRD Generates Savings

An analysis of KMRD’s first 10 years in business confirmed an average savings of 12% when clients select KMRD as their exclusive representative in the insurance marketplace.  This compares with a 4% industry-wide published standard reduction (per MarketScout’s Barometer).  This finding includes all middle market and large account transactions since the company was founded 2005 through the end of 2014. Furthermore, the study showed that in 2010 KMRD delivered an average savings of 7.8% on first-year accounts when KMRD was assigned as the Broker of Record versus MarketScout’s reported average increase of 1.8%.

“Our insureds typically appreciate the peace of mind resulting from better coverage and risk management support. This study demonstrates how the additional resources we provide our clients also delivers immediate value. The average reduction of 12% is inclusive of any risk management fees we charge!” said Bob Dietzel, Managing Partner

News Releases

December 2016
KMRD Partners Hams It Up Again This Holiday Season
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November 2016
Feed My Starving Children: MobilePack 2016 was a Huge Success!
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November 2015
KMRD Donates Hams for the Holidays to the Keystone Opportunity Center
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October 2015
KMRD Partners Announces New Website Launch; Expands Access to Better Serve Clients

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October 2015
KMRD Launches New Website
Click Here for the Announcement
September  2015
2015 Feed My Starving Children MobilePack was a Great Success
Access the Results, Photos, and Heart Felt Thank Your Here
July 2015
 KMRD Receives Delivery of an Original Work of Art from renowned candy wrapper artist Sean Brown
Access picture here
July 2015
 KMRD Supports Gilda’s Club in Bowl Over Cancer Event
Access pictures here Facebook followers can access pictures here
March 2015
Study of KMRD’s first 10 Years confirmed the delivery of rates which are three times better than industry average.

October 2014
Kevin McPoyle Organized the Packing of 272,160 Meals. 745 Children will Survive Because of Volunteer Efforts

May 2014
KMRD has been named as an “Elite Agency” by Insurance Business Magazine, a leading publication and online source that provides the latest news, opinions and analysis for the insurance industry.

In the News

Brian Heun’s article in Food Management Magazine -“Coming to Terms With Pollution-Related Exposures“ | Food Manufacturing Magazine – November 2017

Bob Dietzel’s article in Property & Casualty 360 Magazine -“The importance of checking insurance provisions in a commercial lease“ | Property & Casualty 360 – September 2017

Bob Dietzel’s article in Carrier Management Magazine -“Executive Perspective: Our Time to Lead; Risk Remains When Waters Recede“ | Carrier Management – September 2017

Steve Macauley’s article in Services Magazine -“Leading Safety versus Measuring Failures“ | Services – August 2017

Bob Dietzel’s article in Commercial Construction and Renovation Magazine -“Have You Checked Your Insurance Coverage Lately?“ | Commercial Construction and Renovation – August 2017

Kevin McPoyle’s Article in Carrier Management Magazine-“The Power of Good Press“ | Carrier Management – April 2017

Kevin McPoyle’s Article in Carrier Management Magazine-“Where Are the Thought Leaders in the Insurance Industry?“ | Carrier Management – April 2017

John Garber’s article in Safer Every Day Magazine  -“Building an Effective Safety & Health Management Program“ | Safer Every Day Magazine – Winter 2016

John Garber article in Safer Every Day Magazine  -“Post-Injury Drug Policies, OSHA’s electronic reporting rule will impact your drug testing policies today“ | Safer Every Day Magazine – Fall 2016

Cat & Barb Interviewed about KMRD’s Donation to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia | ABC News

Volunteers to pack 336,000 meals for hungry kids | Kevin McPoyle featured in The Intelligencer for his Efforts with Feed My Starving Children

Thanking Them For Their Service With Jobs | Kevin McPoyle in PropertyCasualty360.com

Award-Winning Agency’s Own Management System Helps It Stand Above Competition, KMRD Partner’s XChange lets the agency better analyze forms and coverage–and gives clients 24/7 access | Bryant Rousseau of PropertyCasualty360.com

KMRD’s Double Threat, The fast-growing Pennsylvania agency redesigns the service model to provide exceptional risk management service. | Melissa Hillebrand of PropertyCasualty360.com

The Benefits of Partnership At what point does a relationship between an underwriter/agent or client/agent become a partnership? | Kevin McPoyle, CIC

NU/AA&B Commercial Agency Awards for Excellence: KMRD The fast-growing Pa. agency uses technology and a highly structured approach to risk management to provide better protection at reduced cost | KMRD one of 3 Winners of National Award

Commercial Agencies of the Year Share Success Secrets in Exclusive Roundtable Award winners discuss going global, securing top talent and competing against publicly traded brokers | Bob Dietzel Serves on Roundtable describing KMRD’s unique model


Thanking Them For Their Service With Jobs | Kevin McPoyle, CIC

Should Businesses Report a Cyber Breach? | Robert Dietzel, ARM, CIC in PropertyCasualty360

You Don’t Need Fear to Sell Cyber Insurance | Kevin McPoyle, CIC

KMRD Partners donates meals to local communities and Ebola-stricken nations| Kevin McPoyle, CIC in PropertyCasualty360

Work on your handshake! | Brian Heun


Advise Clients About 4 Kinds of Second-Hand Risk–Slideshow | Robert Dietzel, ARM, CIC in PropertyCasulaty360

The Risk of Not Taking Risks | Brian Heun in PropertyCasualty360