What Can the Battlefield Teach Us About Leadership?

Kevin McPoyle Carrier Management

As we celebrate the Memorial Day and Independence Day holidays, it is appropriate to reflect on the qualities necessary to be a good leader. The legacies of some of America’s renowned generals appear to be a good place to start. When George McClellan graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point in 1846, […]

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Risks Ahead: Food Recalls and Nanotechnology

Kevin McPoyle Insurance Journal

Quick Quiz: What do baby spinach, raw cashew pieces, barbecue sauce, fish batter mix, marzipan, ice cream, packaged salads, dried kiwi and gourmet bread pudding all have in common? These products, and more importantly the businesses which manufacture and distribute them, have all experienced market recalls since January 1. By mid-March there had already been […]

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Thinking of Veterans on Memorial Day

Kevin McPoyle Property Casualty 360

Several national initiatives make it easy to hire a highly qualified vet. One year ago in this space, I contributed an article chronicling the tragically high unemployment rate among returning veterans. As a veteran myself, I offered my insider’s point of view as to why veterans should be considered highly desirable prospective employees. Read the […]

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Targeting the Other 1 Percent: Hiring Veterans

Kevin McPoyle Property Casualty 360

Inculcated with team thinking and strong work ethic, veterans seem like a natural fit for the insurance industry. Unfortunately, the industry doesn’t agree. In case you haven’t noticed, the insurance industry is facing a hiring crisis, especially in agencies, where the average of an agency principal is now almost 60. Read the full article >> […]

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