Distracted driving by the numbers – Gerry Sorge

Gerry Sorge Property Casualty 360

Statistics on the number of accidents due to inattentive drivers are rising despite awareness of the risks. With more than six million auto accidents occurring annually, many claims managers already feel as if they have been run over by the number of resulting claims. As automobiles increasingly double as entertainment centers, telephone booths, restaurants and […]

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Does Your Construction Business Need EPLI? – Keith Boyer

The United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission received 84,254 discriminatory employment practices complaints last year. In addition to lawsuits filed by private citizens, claims filed by federal, state and city regulators are causing more businesses to purchase Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI). Employment practices liability insurance protects an employer from an employee’s claim alleging discrimination, […]

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Reflections of a Middleman – Steve Macauley

Praise rarely rains down on the middleman. The role is frequently trivialized and unfairly characterized as adding an extra layer of cost without also adding value. Since the advent of sales inserts and commercials, consumerism has cautioned us to “cut out the middleman” and go direct to the source. A quick reading of history, though, […]

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10 Attributes to Look for in a Risk Management Outsourcing Partner

As anyone working in the construction industry knows, some risks are worth taking, while others simply aren’t. Your company’s risk control process should be placed within the latter group. This is no place for amateurs. By hiring a professional risk management outsourcing partner, your firm will gain the peace of mind that comes from working […]

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The importance of checking insurance provisions in a commercial lease

As insurance professionals, we can help insureds review the insurance provisions in their commercial leases prior to signing the documents. Insurance-related risks are not always obvious and could result in a costly uninsured surprise for commercial leaseholders. Read the full article >> (subscription may be required) Please direct questions and comments about this article to contactus@kmrdpartners.com

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Executive Perspective: Our Time to Lead; Risk Remains When Waters Recede

Bob Dietzel Carrier Management

As I record these thoughts, Hurricane Irma has been downgraded to a tropical depression after having lashed Florida and more than a half-dozen Caribbean Islands. The storm led to 6.3 million Florida residents being ordered to evacuate, while more than 6.5 million are without electricity. Nearly one million Georgia and South Carolina residents are also […]

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The Benefits of Followership

Andrew Laurie Career Management

Leaders get all the credit. Nearly 100,000 soldiers and sailors followed Alexander the Great during his Asian Campaign. Yet his is the only name we remember… Read the full article >> (Subscription might be required to read) Please direct questions and comments about this article to contactus@kmrdpartners.com

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The Promise of Insurtech

Kevin McPoyle Insurance Journal

Disruptive technology is poised to shake up our industry. Following tectonic plate shifts in publishing, finance, investing, telecommunications, recorded music, information technology, retail, and even ride hailing services, insurance has been added to the queue. Disruption can be unsettling. While a brave few welcome new challenges and ways of doing things, the great many prefer […]

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