Wearable Technology for Construction is the Future – Keith Boyer

While it may not happen today or even next year, wearable technology for construction is sure to become an integral part of your business. And it’s a good thing: According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 37 percent of people aged 65 to 69 years will be actively employed, versus only 22 percent in 1996. […]

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Examining Temporary Staffing Agency Risks – Gerry Sorge

Gerry Sorge Property Casualty 360

Employers and agencies are both responsible for the temporary worker’s safety and health. There are a number of risks and insurance considerations for companies hiring temporary workers including auto insurance coverage, theft and professional liability. There are many reasons to utilize the services of a temporary staffing agency. Like all outsourced business services, temporary staffing […]

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Using InsurTech to improve claims management – Jenean Meier

Technology is providing new ways for insurers to meet customers’ needs. By combining technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning with advanced analytics, carriers can reimagine the claims quality audit process. If insurance coverages were umbrellas, they would remain furled in closets until a claim was filed. While their availability for use would be […]

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How to Build a Strong Hurricane Contingency Plan – Keith Boyer

The Atlantic hurricane season, which began June 1, is officially forecasted to last until November 30. While these dates historically describe the period each year when tropical cyclones form in the Atlantic basin, it is possible they will form outside these two dates. Of course, 2017 was a particularly destructive hurricane season. It was the […]

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Why Your Insurance Policy Should Cover More than Damage

In an alert issued April 16, 2018, the United States and the United Kingdom published a report advising organizations and individuals worldwide that Russians were attempting to access devices controlling the flow of internet traffic. One day later, the Federal Reserve reported that during last year’s record-breaking, weather-related disasters, 65 percent of affected companies attributed […]

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Broker Perspective: Get Back to Basics – Kevin McPoyle

Kevin McPoyle Carrier Management

Having recently attended a number of carrier events during which the structure of market contacts, departments and the underwriting process were once again reimagined as new and novel in a “back to the future” style conversion, I was struck more by what was missing than what had been added: fundamentals. It isn’t time to overthink […]

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How to Protect Against Contingent Business Risk – Keith Boyer

4 examples of how a professional risk manager can help you prepare & outlast potentially detrimental situations Two partners at a building supplies manufacturing company were exactly where they wanted to be. Their firm sold best-in-class building supplies at competitive prices. Profit margins were exactly where they should be. The firm had earned the trust […]

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Should You Fire Your Insurance Broker? – Keith Boyer

Why you should work with someone who understands & takes steps to protect every aspect of your business operations. If your insurance broker is simply negotiating pricing and accepting the terms and conditions  offered by carriers and underwriters, it is time to hire a new broker. While price matters, many other features are equally critical […]

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Remembering Our Veterans – Kirk Salmon

More than 600,000 Union and Confederate soldiers had died by the time Robert E. Lee surrendered to Ulysses S. Grant to end the War Between the States in 1865. Even before the war had ended, women living in the Confederacy had been “decorating” the graves of fallen soldiers with flowers. After the war, the now […]

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8 Types of Business Insurance – Kirk Salmon

Organizations rely on business insurance to protect them from risks and threats to their operation. Simply, it means transferring risk to insurance products. There are various types of insurance for your business. A broker can help choose the right mix of insurance for your business by determining which coverages meet your exposures and risk appetite. […]

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