What we’ve learned from Hurricanes Harvey, Maria and Irma

Gerry Sorge Property Casualty 360

An exceptionally active hurricane season highlighted personnel and supply chain issues for insurers and offers opportunities to prepare for 2018.   “Never let a good crisis go to waste,” has reportedly been attributed to Winston Churchill, grandson of England’s 7th Duke of Marlborough, regarding post Second World War conditions leading to the formation of the United […]

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Picking the Best General Liability Policy for Your Business

best general liability insurance

The best general liability policy protects your business assets by transferring risk from your organization to an insurance underwriter. The underwriter will pay for obligations incurred if someone gets hurt on your property, by your product or when anyone employed by your business causes property damage or injury. General liability insurance also covers legal defense […]

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7 Tips For A More Effective Insurance Claim

Involving the insurance broker in the claim can help policyholders better navigate the process and create a more effective insurance claim. Insureds should involve their insurance broker in the management of their insurance claims. Why? Because an effective claims advocate will maximize return on insurance investment and minimize the impact of poorly managed claims and […]

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Risk Management for Nanotechnology and Food Recalls

Insurance carriers can help assess and transfer the growing risks from food recalls and nanotechnology. While food recalls can result from fears of bacterial contamination, they can also result from labeling mix-ups and undeclared contents. Earlier this year Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream recalled products due to undeclared peanuts, Whole Foods Markets recalled cold pressed […]

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Pennsylvania’s KMRD Partners Works Hard to Never Stop Improving

One of the first messages that appears on KMRD Partners Inc.’s website is a slogan that says, “We never stop improving for you.” The Warrington, Penn.-headquartered, boutique risk management and human capital solutions firm works hard to take that idea seriously, according to President Kevin McPoyle, in a recent interview with Insurance Journal. “We are full-on […]

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Coming to Terms With Pollution-Related Exposures – Brian Heun KMRD Partners

Brian Heun KMRD Partners

Oil and chemical companies aren’t the only ones with potential exposure to pollution-related incidents. To understand your company’s need for pollution liability insurance coverage, I have listed ten situations below to help you self-identify potential pollution-related exposures. Before reviewing these situations, though, I have outlined a five-step program to help companies identify and remediate business […]

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Leading Safety versus Measuring Failures – Steve Macauley

When The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) issued its final rule, “Improve Tracking of Workplace Injuries and Illnesses,” on Jan. 1, it addressed injury-based incentive programs as part of safety program management in addition to affirming the statutory prohibition on retaliating against employees for reporting work-related injuries with the following advice: An employer’s procedure […]

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The importance of checking insurance provisions in a commercial lease

As insurance professionals, we can help insureds review the insurance provisions in their commercial leases prior to signing the documents. Insurance-related risks are not always obvious and could result in a costly uninsured surprise for commercial leaseholders. Read the full article >> (subscription may be required) Please direct questions and comments about this article to contactus@kmrdpartners.com

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